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Volume 29
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Editor: Ismar de Souza Carvalho
Editor Associado: Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos

International Symposium on Foraminifera

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      The International Symposium on Foraminifera FORAMS 2006 continues the tradition of the highly successful meetings previously held in Halifax (Benthos’75), Pau (Benthos’81), Geneva (Benthos’86), Sendai (Benthos’90), Berkeley (Forams’94), Monterrey (Forams’98), and Perth (Forams 2002). During the last Forams 2002 in Perth, Australia, the general assembly decided to hold the next meeting, Forams 2006, in Natal, Rio Grande do Norte State, Brazil.

      FORAMS 2006 is held in the city of Natal on 10-15 September 2006 at the Convention Center of the Hotel Parque da Costeira. Technical sessions consist of four days of oral and poster sessions (11-12, 14-15 September), supplemented by social events.

      The various presentations cover aspects of foraminiferal systematics, biology, paleontology, stratigraphy, biogeography, ecology and paleoecology, oceanography and paleoceanography, climatology and paleoclimatology, and evolutionary studies. The scientific contributions are arranged according to the following Scientific Program:
Plenary Lectures: Key-note lectures which highlight the current mainstream research approaches.

Covering the diverse aspects of the foraminiferal studies and their applications.

  • Systematics and Evolution of Protists: Fossils, Morphology and Molecules
  • Studies on Paleozoic Foraminifera
  • Quaternary Ecological Studies
  • Studies on Mesozoic and Cenozoic Foraminifera
  • Evolutionary Morphometrics of the Foraminiferal Test in Time and Space
  • Paralic Environments Past and Present - Their Characterization with
    Benthic Foraminifera and Economic Importance
  • Micro- to Macro-Scale Foraminiferal Distributions: Patterns and Processes
  • Paleobiology of Foraminífera: Towards Better Understanding
    of Ecosystems and Biotic Evolution Through Foraminifera
  • The Micropaleontology of Critical Boundaries
  • Foraminifera as Paleoceanographic & Paleoclimatologic Proxies
  • Biostratigraphy & Biochronology
  • Scaling in Paleobiogeography and Paleoecology

Open forums for discussion on selected research topics.

  • Workshop on Ocean Drilling
  • Foraminifera and Trace Metals
  • CHRONOS Taxonomic and Biostratigraphic Database Workshop
  • Morphometrics & Object Recognition
  • Workshop on Allogromiid Foraminifera

      Altogether the diverse Technical Program and multidisciplinary presentations of FORAMS 2006 demonstrate the wide range of current applications of the foraminiferal studies to the earth sciences.

      It is with great pleasure and honor that Brazil hosts this important scientific event, which certainly will contribute to spread even further the knowledge and the science among all countries represented at the meeting.

      We would like also to thank our sponsors for helping us to make this meeting possible:

Master Sponsors:

  • Petróleo Brasileiro S/A – PETROBRAS (
  • Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico –
    CNPq (
  • Coordenação de Aperfeiçoamento de Pessoal de Nível Superior –
    CAPES (
  • Fundação Carlos Chagas Filho de Amparo à Pesquisa do
    Estado do Rio de Janeiro – FAPERJ (

Institutional Sponsors

      Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to the following people, without whose commitment, time and hard work the realization of this conference would not be possible: to all the Scientific Committee and Chairs of the Technical and Workshop Sessions for FORAMS 2006, to META Marketing & Eventos Ltda., Rio de Janeiro, the FORAMS 2006 Secretariat, to Filipe Cortês of Cariri Ecotours, Eduardo Bagnoli of Hotel Manary, Natal, to Regina C. Cabral, our webmaster, and, last but not least, to Carol C. Johnsson, Patrícia d’Almeida de Toledo Piza, and our colleagues of the Organizing Committee, Maria Antonieta C. Rodrigues, Oscar Strohschoen Jr. and
Laureen S.R. Alves.

Eduardo A. M. Koutsoukos

Chairman of FORAMS 2006
Rio de Janeiro, July 2006



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